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Our Story

Our story began from daily TV viewing and one initial question — “Why do they show ads that are not interesting to us?” But then the questions became more and more numerous. Advertisers are not satisfied with the fact that their ads are viewed by people who are not interested in them. Furthermore, viewers who are satisfied with ads are not satisfied with the necessity to search information on the Internet for a long time. In turn, advertisers are not satisfied with viewers who don’t go directly to their websites. Also, advertisers are wasting money on outdated third-party data and have to pay a lot of money for pay-per-click, and why is it “click”? Most of us tap, not click. Streaming service and player providers are not satisfied with collection of their users’ data about searching for goods and services by search engines, and also that search engines make money on their advertisers. Statistics of viewing ads is detailed only down to household level — no one knows how many people are watching TV now, and so on.

How It Works

Did you see a Tapable banner that was shown next to a video after your in-stream ad was done, being played or skipped on YouTube? Yes, people do not search anymore, they use a Tapable banner to get to a landing page. With the IntapTV Button (two taps) or just the Tapable banners (one tap) integrated into your video streaming app, you can give your viewers quick and easy access to the TV and Video links. In addition, Pay-per-Tap® guarantees to lower today’s cost of Pay-per-Click by at least 20 times.

The intap button diagram


IntapTV is easily scaled across many networks and TV apps, and while it scales, advertisers, viewers, networks, and app owners all benefit.
Increase TV Ad Value

Increase TV Ad Value

IntapTV saves advertisers from expensive search engine clicks, improves attribution, and increases conversions.

Improve TV’s UX

Improve TV’s UX

IntapTV gives your viewers quick and easy access to relevant links and phone numbers.

Create Valuable Data

Create Valuable Data

IntapTV data improves TV attribution and cross-medium ad personalization. Best of all, the data belongs to you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you force customers to go directly to advertisers' landing pages instead of just using search?

For example, officially, Priceline, Kayak (we are talking about billions of dollars) redirect from Google to TV and Video ads. Why? Key Points:

  • The online travel company is trying to drive brand awareness and get customers going directly to its sites instead of just to search.
  • But the short-term return on brand spending “is running below our expectations,” executives said.

See more in the article “Why one of Google’s biggest spenders is redirecting some money towards TV and video ads” from CNBC.

What is the “unrecalled functionality”?

A similar idea has already proved to be a huge success. This is the “companion banner” by YouTube, which provides continued brand presence after a video ends. YouTube’s “companion banner” allows the viewer to click on it anytime, monetizing the number of views. In general, both IntapTV and YouTube provide links to unrecalled information for viewers. Unrecalled advertisements (unrecalled ads) are pieces of visual digital information in the form of digital signals that a viewer for some reason misses a moment to memorize the expired information (for example, the TV ad had run and had not been copied down or memorized, etc.). The patented IntapTV technology works on all devices and any TV while YouTube’s “companion banner” works only on YouTube and only on a few devices and not on TV due to patent infringement.

Why is your patented “unrecalled functionality” so important?

According to Google, as seen in the diagram below, viewers only start searching after a TV ad has run. That’s why our patented “unrecalled functionality” which allows viewers to get all information about a recently watched ad is so important.

Image source: Think with Google

IntapTV Software Requirements Specification

Combines digital’s pay-per-click, data collection and targeting capabilities with TV’s reach.
Proves the TV industry’s long-held claim that commercials cause consumers to buy products.
Allows viewers to see ads they want based on their behavior.

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