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IntapTV technology makes TV Clickable

IntapTV’s patented and patent-pending technology can be integrated into all NextGen TV and video streaming apps worldwide. It’s also compatible with all devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and any type of TV.

We know that the future of all digital media players and streaming service providers is a TV screen – and with our technology, we can make your company into leader of tomorrow.

IntapTV technology makes TV Clickable

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Our Story

Our story began with a question: “Why aren’t TV ads ever interesting and not clickable?” Despite TV advertising being a major focus for marketing strategies, the nature of TV viewing makes it unlikely that ads will be relevant or personalized – and if they are, it’s up to the viewers to search for the product based on whatever information they could memorize before the ad ended. Either way, it’s not a great experience for the viewer or the advertiser. We knew there was a better way.

After analyzing all of these, we wondered if we could develop a technology that would not only display relevant or personalized TV advertisements to viewers but also let them “click”, so they get to the product immediately, rather than get lost searching for it.

To make this work, we spent four years creating a technology that’s better, more cost-effective, and faster than the ones that already exist. The IntapTV technology creates an entirely new market.

How It Works

With integrated IntapTV technology, for example, viewers can access to relevant or personalized links by using a clickable banner (which only requires one click), this banner take the viewer right to the landing page in about 2 seconds so they don’t have to search the internet to find the product that was advertised. IntapTV technology brings this level of speedy, ease and efficiency to TV ads, making it easier than ever to turn promising leads into loyal conversions.


Our innovative TV advertising technology comes with a few significant benefits for viewers, service provider, and advertisers such as:

Increase TV Ad Value

Increase TV Ad Value

IntapTV’s technology saves advertisers from expensive search engine pay-per-click costs, improves attribution, and increases conversions.

Improve TV’s UX

Improve TV UX

IntapTV technology improves ease-of-use for viewers, giving them easy access to relevant or personalized links and phone numbers.

Create Valuable Data

Create Valuable Data

IntapTV technology data improves TV attribution and yields powerful insights for AI-driven ad personalization. Best of all, that data belongs to service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is sending customers to an advertiser’s landing page better than using a search engine?

Because all TV ads aren’t clickable, they require highly motivated viewers to lead to conversions. Why? Because the viewer has to use search engines to find the right advertised product. During the search process, the viewer could lose motivation, click on a competitor’s website, or click on the advertiser’s pay-per-click ad, costing them even more money.

Because IntapTV technology sends the viewer directly to the product or service landing page, all of this is avoided.

What is the “unrecalled functionality”?

No matter how effective an advertisement is, if crucial bits of information are not memorized by the viewer, they won’t be able to find the product even if they were interested in it. YouTube has created a “companion banner” in an attempt to remedy this problem. This banner continues the brand presence after the advertisement ends, so viewers can click on it at any time.

Our patented unrecalled functionality technology visually works similarly to the companion banner and it is available on all devices and all TVs.

Why is “unrecalled functionality” so important?

According to statistics from Google research, most viewers begin searching for advertised products or services after the ad has ended – which is when the viewer has to recall the information gleaned from the ad. If they cannot remember it, they may not be motivated enough to find the product.

This is where IntapTV’s patented unrecalled functionality technology comes in, giving viewers everything they need to revisit a previously-aired advertise.