Frequently Asked Questions


Why is sending customers to an advertiser’s landing page better than using a search engine?

Because all TV ads aren’t clickable, they require highly motivated viewers to lead to conversions. Why? Because the viewer has to use search engines to find the right advertised product. During the search process, the viewer could lose motivation, click on a competitor’s website, or click on the advertiser’s pay-per-click ad, costing them even more money.

Because IntapTV technology sends the viewer directly to the product or service landing page, all of this is avoided.

What is the “unrecalled functionality”?
No matter how effective an advertisement is, if crucial bits of information are not memorized by the viewer, they won’t be able to find the product even if they were interested in it. YouTube has created a “companion banner” in an attempt to remedy this problem. This banner continues the brand presence after the advertisement ends, so viewers can click on it at any time.

Our patented unrecalled functionality technology visually works similarly to the companion banner and it is available on all devices and all TVs.

Why is “unrecalled functionality” so important?

According to statistics from Google research, most viewers begin searching for advertised products or services after the ad has ended – which is when the viewer has to recall the information gleaned from the ad. If they cannot remember it, they may not be motivated enough to find the product.

This is where IntapTV’s patented unrecalled functionality technology comes in, giving viewers everything they need to revisit a previously-aired advertise.

How does IntapTV technology provide companion ads on mobile devices while viewers are using a smart TV?

Because IntapTV technology is an integration, the viewer can use a smart TV or streaming service mobile app to view more information about video ads that have recently played. To do this, IntapTV technology provides an automatic request to the service provider server once the viewer opens the app – within just a second, information regarding the video ads is available. There are a few different types of unrecalled ads (a list of requested unrecalled ads, automatically shown simultaneously with other content or shown while watching a smart TV) can be displayed in different or same areas of the mobile app depending on its UI design.

Does IntapTV serve personalized ads for cases where people are watching TV together?

Yes, Intap technology uses multiple sub-accounts (corresponding to each viewer) within each TV streaming service and player provider ID. This gives us the flexibility to provide unique advertisements based on who is watching TV. Here is an example of how it works:

Who owns the data?

Streaming service and player providers own all of their interaction data, which they can use to target audiences with more accurate relevant personalized advertisements.

Do you have a prototype?

We don’t need to make a prototype because all of our future partners have software development teams in-house or use third-party developers.

Does the technology only apply to TV ads?

IntapTV technology applies to TV ads and also other relevant programming, such as shows, news, and more.


Who gets the money from the advertisers on a Pay-per-Click basis?

The streaming service and player providers will receive money from advertisers on a Pay-per-Click basis.

Who determines the cost per click?

The cost per click should be determined by the streaming and player providers.

How does IntapTV technology affect the subscriber’s monthly fees?
Because streaming and player providers would be able to earn more from advertisers, they can reduce or eliminate user subscriptions to compete and attract more customers from other platforms.
How can IntapTV technology increase the share value of existing media distribution companies?

Once a media distribution company implements IntapTV technology, it will be valued as a tech company (i.e. Alphabet, Inc. and Facebook, Inc.) in terms of public market value.


What is your IP License?

Our licensed IP covers the following documents:

  1. U.S. patent number 10,003,931 (“Method for retrieval of unrecalled information from digital advertisement”).
  2. Provisional application number US 62/884,274 (“Method and system for simultaneous dynamic ad insertion or replacement in video/audio content stream and transmission of the corresponding Ad listing metadata to a database server”) filed on 28-MAY-2020.
  3. Provisional application number US 63/031,808 (“System and Method for Advertising on TV”) filed on 29-MAY-2020.
  4. Software Requirements Specification that describes IntapTV and serves as a base for the development of the invented functionality in the Licensee’s System.
  5. Trademark Pay-per-Tap®

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