Our Story

Our story began with a question: “Why aren’t TV ads ever interesting?” Despite TV advertising being a major focus for marketing strategies, the nature of TV viewing makes it unlikely that ads will be relevant – and if they are, it’s up to the viewers to search for the product based on whatever information they could memorize before the ad ended. Either way, it’s not a great experience for the viewer or the advertiser. We knew there was a better way.

As we continued researching what TV advertising has to offer, more and more questions began cropping up, and the weaknesses of relying on TV ads became clear: 

  1. Viewers are rarely interested in TV advertisements, largely because they cannot be marketed to the interests of specific individuals.
  2. Even if TV ads are relevant to viewers, it’s rare for a viewer to be motivated enough to search for the advertised service or product online.
  3. Even if the viewer does begin searching for the product, they may not be willing to type in multiple keywords until the right page comes up, or they may click on a competitor’s aggressive pay per click ad that displays before the advertisers’ search engine listing.

Matters get worse for advertisers when you consider how much money they’re wasting on outdated third-party viewer data and expensive pay-per-click ads – and streaming services aren’t any happier that search engines end up making money off of their advertisers.

After analyzing all of these shortcomings, we wondered if we could develop a system that would not only display relevant TV advertisements to viewers but also let them “click” them, so they get to the product immediately, rather than get lost searching for it.

To make this work, we spent two years creating a system that’s better, more cost-effective, and faster than the ones that already exist. The Intap TV system creates an entirely new market and a value network that could eventually disrupt the ones currently in place and remove search engines like Google as the middleman.

This is made possible by Intap’s “clickable” TV ads and Pay-per-Tap system, which:

  • Let advertisers target relevant audiences with their ads – and pay 20 times less than traditional pay-per-click, using out Pay-per-Tap system. Advertisers also have the opportunity to individually target personalized ads for those who are watching TV at that moment. Statistics of viewing ads is detailed down to every single person watching TV and is collected in real-time.
  • Let viewers more easily locate the products in the ads by “clicking” them via interactable prompts. This can take the viewer to intended pages, like landing pages, phone numbers, or websites that have more information about the product or service in question.
  • Let streaming services collect their own first-party data via Pay-per-Tap. This data is extremely valuable since it can be used for AI-enabled ad personalization based on viewer insights.

We’ve come a long way since we first wondered if TV ads could be more effective, and now our InTap technology has a market size of more than $2.5 trillion (see the Media Landscape) which includes TV and video advertising as well as the pay-per-click market.

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IntapTV Software Requirements Specification

IntapTV technology combines the data collection and targeting capabilities of pay-per-click with the reach of TV. We’re proof that investing in TV advertisements leads to conversions – and with cutting-edge ad personalization, we keep advertisers and viewers happy.

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