Our Story

Our story began with a question: “Why aren’t TV ads ever interesting and not clickable?” Despite TV advertising being a major focus for marketing strategies, the nature of TV viewing makes it unlikely that ads will be relevant or personalized – and if they are, it’s up to the viewers to search for the product based on whatever information they could memorize before the ad ended. Either way, it’s not a great experience for the viewer or the advertiser. We knew there was a better way.

After analyzing all of these, we wondered if we could develop a technology that would not only display relevant or personalized TV advertisements to viewers but also let them “click”, so they get to the product immediately, rather than get lost searching for it.

To make this work, we spent four years creating a technology that’s better, more cost-effective, and faster than the ones that already exist. The IntapTV technology creates an entirely new market.

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