Intap Acquisition Referral/Appreciation Program

Recommend us to your company or contacts, and if we close the deal, you’ll get 10% of the sale amount as an Appreciation from our company.

Introducing the Intap Acquisition Referral Program

Intap’s patented and patent-pending technology is an innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional TV advertisement – and it can be integrated into mobile apps and streaming services on any device anywhere in the world.

That means countless organizations could benefit from our technology – and we want to reward you for recommending us to them. If you know of a contact or company that would be interested in Intap, recommend us using the referral program application below. If we end up closing the deal, you’ll get 10% of the sale price.

Intap, Inc. Evaluation Highlights

Here at Intap, we have a bright future ahead of us. With a market cap comparable to tech giants like Alphabet, Inc. and Facebook, Inc. (over $2.5 trillion – see the Media Landscape), our technology could be widely implemented in businesses around the world. And when businesses use Intap, they’re market cap would rise up to 3 times because they’re automatically valued like a tech company.

Our technology can also take a big part of a Relative Market Cap, for example:

  • From Amazon: Intap would allow TV advertisers to sell any goods or services in real-time;
  • From Google and Facebook: Our Pay-per-Tap® can lower the current cost of pay-per-click by at least 20 times.

One of the biggest benefits of integrating Intap technology is cost-savings. Because Intap lets companies ease off of expensive pay-per-click ads by routing their leads directly to landing pages and phone numbers, they don’t have to worry about wasting money on bots and fraudulent clicks (which could make up 20% of clicks while advertising on search engines).

As a result, we save advertisers from losing billions of dollars. Instead of spending on web ads, they can enjoy a high return on investment by integrating Intap, which provides 100% of clicks and taps from real viewers.


Our product is ready and can be downloaded as an SRS in the section below. An average timeframe for implementation of IntapTV technology is about 3-4 months with 2-3 developers and participation of the Intap team.


We know that the future of all digital media players and streaming service providers is a TV screen – and with our technology, we can make your contacts or companies into leaders of tomorrow.

Participating in the InTap Acquisition Referral/Appreciation Program is simple. Just check our Referral Agreement below to see if you align with our guidelines.

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IntapTV Software Requirements Specification

IntapTV technology combines the data collection and targeting capabilities of pay-per-click with the reach of TV. We’re proof that investing in TV advertisements leads to conversions – and with cutting-edge ad personalization, we keep advertisers and viewers happy.

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